Do you want to control a roof, an old building, a relay antenna, a photovoltaic panel or even a wind turbine? Our drones ensure speed of action, safety and precision. It is possible for us to intervene in places that are difficult to access or at heights usually requiring heavy and expensive means.

The images taken can then be compared over time, allowing you to see the effects on your work.

Classical Inspections

As a real decision-making tool, our classic inspections will help you to detect visual anomalies with great ease and speed. In addition, the use of drones improves the safety of your employees by inspecting dangerous areas for them.

Thermal Inspections

Our infrared and multispectral inspections will help you to detect thermal anomalies such as the state of insulation of a building. Our reflectance maps will also help you determine the hydrography of a land or the vitality of plants.